Taking action together
for a better future

Stimulating sustainable development that encourage better food security, reliable supply chains, improved livelihoods and care for all beings, nature and environment.

About AWB

We are agriculture without borders, changemakers focussed on empowering sustainable development with focus on agriculture and related value chain stakeholders.

AWB is dedicated to combine efforts, expertise, experience and innovations from all over the world to bring together the most practical & sustainable solutions to those in need. 

Together we strive for a better opportunities and a better future!


Gas for life

AWB promotes the adoption of Gas as the most practical and cleanest alternative for primitive cooking fuels.

Supporting Gas infrastructure and distribution in developing countries to make an immediate sustainable impact on the ongoing massive deforestations, respitory health issues, econmic growth, female and child empowerment. 


Together we can take action for a better future. Here you can see what you can do to contribute. Find campaigns, projects and organizations to support, information to share that can really make a difference.