AWB works as the global development hub for sustainable growth

With a continuously growing network of international experts, consultants and successful practitioners in the field of agriculture and processing to find the right solutions.

We focus on problems where we can make the greatest impact. The solutions of AWB must be highly strategic and focused on results because the solution of the problem must give everybody the opportunity to live healthy and give the opportunity for a productive life.

We make a start by defining our goals and what we want to accomplish for people. Then we identify a path to get to our goals and determine how we will execute to achieve those goals. This is important to help us get clear what we choose to invest, and why.

Supporting partners in dealing with crucial, often international issues. As a global team we strongly believe that working together is essential and holds the key to achieve, lasting impact!

Agriculture without borders NGO serves a global agricultural community for sustainable growth and development. A platform bringing together
exceptional changemakers & stakeholders that stand for change.