What we do

The global glatform for exchange & sustainable development

AWB serves as a platform for the global community where members, partners and affiliates can share and exchange knowledge, collaborate on projects and programs and find the right solutions to their challenges

Our Focus

Sustainable development

AWB supports programs improving productivity, quality and safety. While at the same time conserving resources and environment, animal welfare, being economically profitable and supporting social needs.

International support

Focussed on the most current needs and urgent necessities that help solve critical problems around the world this could take place in form of agricultural assistance for foodsecurity for those who suffer from famine, health problems, conflicts, natural disasters and crises in the world.

Collaboration & knowledge exchange

The human factor is the largest asset for the world’s future. Therefore it is of crucial importance to make available to farmers and agricultural organizations the newest information, research results and technological expertise through education and training, and in using more modern communication techniques.

Training, education and certification

With partners we are offering programs for sustainable practices in agriculture and the food & processing industry. Good practices help ensure safe and fair working conditions, humane animal care, and stewardship of natural resources, supply chain traceability, and continual improvement. All of which contribute to better international market access and acceptability.

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